Black Veil Brides have just released their sixth studio album ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’.

This comes as the latest release for the Cincinnati glam metal group since their album ‘Vale‘ in 2018.

First up is ‘The Phantom Tomorrow (Introduction)’. This is an introductory track to the rest of the album, definitely setting the scene for what is to come. The instrumentals are dramatic, obviously telling the beginning of a story musically. ‘Scarlet Cross’ is up next, which starts off with an instantly catchy riff before hearing vocalist Andy Biersack’s signature vocals. The music video depicts the band playing outside on a dimly street, with exciting visuals throughout.

‘Born Again’ opens with Biersack’s recognisable vocals, before leaping into a ferocious chorus, which is instantly memorable. ‘Blackbird’ talks lyrically about being who you want to be and being happy with the person you are, regardless of what other people think of you. ‘Spectres (Interlude)’ is another instrumental number. It feels very cinematic in style. The next song on the album is ‘Torch’. Biersack states that ‘This song is one of my favourites on the record and represents not only a tonal shift within the album’s narrative but also the very real and present emotion of finding yourself at the intersection of reality and chaos. ‘Torch’ is about reaching out and finding a lifeline of truth and hope when all feels lost and freeing yourself of the negative and destructive noise that can sometimes fill our minds and bring us down. In the blackbird storyline, the torch represents a light for those who feel alone.’

‘The Wicked One’ definitely ramps up the album a notch! The song begins with a heavy guitar riff, before softening in the chorus. This shows that Black Veil Brides are definitely trying to experiment with different sounds within this release. ‘Shadows Rise’ is a subtle change from the previous tracks. The beginning of the song features operatic type sounds, before hitting us with a powerful guitar riff, which is an interesting progression.

‘Fields of Bone’ discusses the idea of Heaven and the endgame culture of Anglo-Christian society. ‘Crimson Skies’ is one of the slightly heavier tracks. The track feels very progressive in nature, featuring some unclean vocal lines nearing the end of the song. They are lyrically stating that they are now free, therefore the track could be celebratory in nature.

‘Kill The Hero’ is another song that experiments with different sounds, proving that Black Veil Brides are adaptable. The final track on the album is ‘Fall Eternal’. This is a great closing song on the album, with the instrumentals almost signifying the closure of a chapter.

Overall, this album has some standout songs and is quite reminiscent of previous work. It would have been good to have seen them branch out musically and experiment more to create an evolving Black Veil Brides sound.

‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ is out now on all major streaming platforms via Sumerian Records.

Verdict: 3/5

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