Death Blooms are certainly newcomers in the hardcore nu-metal scene.

The Liverpool based four piece have just released their debut studio album ‘Life Is Pain’, following the previous release of their EP ‘Fuck Everything!‘ earlier in the year.

This year has been a busy one for the Death Blooms lads, as they also took to the stage at Download Pilot this summer too!

The first track on the album is ‘Shut Up’. This song talks lyrically about someone that they despise, stating that their opinions and thoughts don’t matter. They just want them to shut up! ‘In Your Head’ is up next, which draws you in from the first second. It discusses the reality of mental health and how negative voices are just all in your head. It is very uplifting though, as vocalist Paul Barrow tells you that ‘you can break free’.

Next up is ‘Caught in a Web’. This track is very Korn influenced in terms of both the instrumentals and the overall vocal style. The unclean vocals in the chorus make the song an easy and catchy listen. This song is sure to get in your head from the first listen! ‘Anger’ begins with an infectious guitar riff, before letting rip with Barrow’s recognisable unclean vocals. The track speaks of someone offloading all their problems onto him. The chorus is slightly different to others on the album, as it features clean vocals and is much softer than previous tracks – a very nice transition!

‘Sorrow’ is a song which discusses Barrow’s harrowing experience with an ex-partner and if he will ever love and trust someone again as a result. The chorus seems to be inspired by nu-metal band Linkin Park. The vocal style sounds very much like the late Chester Bennington. Next is the self-titled single, which takes us back to the classic heavy Death Blooms sound that we all know and love! It instantly gets you hooked from the get-go, due to the head bopping guitar riff and angry sounding vocals. The chorus is instantly memorable and is the perfect song to scream to after having a bad day at work!

‘Waste’ begins with a guitar riff which is bound to get you moving. The song then erupts into a Korn sounding chorus, talking about the singer’s negative experience with mental health and how he’s currently feeling. Next is ‘One Release’, which is definitely one of the highlights of this album. It is such an exciting track from start to finish – it’s sure to get everyone moshing at their live show! The hardcore thumping guitar riffs are prominent throughout, giving us a real taster of just how brilliant Death Blooms truly are!

‘Choke’ is the second to last track, which also discusses the vocalist’s awful experience with a previous partner. The last song on the album is ‘Inside’, which brings some synth sounds into the mix. The song starts off with Barrow’s clean vocals and the introduction of a softer sound, showing how versatile the band can be.

Overall, this album is absolutely insane and we loved every minute of it! The group really experiment with a range of different styles and sounds in this album, showing that they have positively evolved from their previous EP work. It is certainly worth a listen for any nu-metal fan and shows that Death Blooms are more than coming into their own with this record.

‘Life Is Pain’ is out now on all notable streaming platforms via Adventure Cat Records.

Verdict: 5/5

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