Imminence have just released their latest studio album ‘Heaven in Hiding’.

This is the first release for the Swedish metalcore group since their acoustic EP ‘Turn the Light On‘ in 2020.

The first track on ‘Heaven in Hiding’ is ‘I Am Become a Name…’. This is a definite introduction to what is to come on this record. This is a really haunting instrumental, featuring some punchy violins doing the work in the background. The album then moves on to ‘Ghost’, which also experiments with the use of violins before the hard-hitting vocals of Eddie Berg kick in. The song talks lyrically about a mental health situation which Berg wants to escape and be free from.

‘Temptation’ is up next, which has a similar theme musically to the previous track. The violin accompaniment is very reminiscent of bands like Apocalyptica.

‘Surrender’ begins with a heavy guitar riff before coming in with Berg’s softer vocals, which is a real treat on the ears. This is another track which discusses Eddie Berg’s struggle with this mental health, presumably more so throughout the pandemic. This is definitely one of the highlights of the album.

‘Chasing Shadows’ is another absolute belter! This track has a very memorable chorus, which talks honesty about being in a dark place and feeling like you have no way out. The music video has already been released for this song as a taster of this album and it most certainly doesn’t disappoint!

‘Moth to a Flame’ is a song which discusses Berg’s downfall mentally, with the use of his punchy, unique vocals. ‘Alleviate’ is an emotional song, which features softer vocals once again, as well as an impactful chorus which is heartfelt and raw.

‘Enslaved’ is up next, which is where Berg reminisces about a past experience and how he wishes that he could undo the damage that he has caused. ‘Disappear’ is a track which immediately comes in with Berg’s memorable vocal line, before progressing into an hard-hitting emotional chorus. ‘Lost and Left Behind’ sounds similar to that of Three Days Grace’s later work, with the style of vocals sounding just like Matt Walst.

The next track is ‘این نیز بگذرد’, which is a Persian phrase meaning ‘this too shall pass’. This song features interesting Middle Eastern instrumentals throughout. Next up is ‘∞’, which is another instrumental interlude within the album. The track incorporates the heavy use of violins to capture the emotional meaning behind the song. ‘Heaven in Hiding’ is the last song on the album and is the title track. It is another song which was put out as a pre-cursor to the album’s release. The track has a decent chorus, which is memorable and impactful as others on the record.

Overall, this album was a little disappointing. Imminence could have really pushed the boundaries musically but instead opted to create a body of work which didn’t really differ one song to the next. Saying that, there were some belters hidden in the filler tracks such as ‘Chasing Shadows’ and ‘Surrender’, but that’s about it.

‘Heaven in Hiding’ is now available on all major streaming platforms via Arising Empire.

Verdict: 2/5

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