Limp Bizkit have just released their highly anticipated new album ‘Still Sucks‘ on Halloween this year.

This latest release for the rap rock five piece comes following an agonising ten year wait, with their last album being ‘Gold Cobra‘ back in 2011.

The first song on the album is ‘Out Of Style’, which begins by stating that ‘we cannot change the past, but we can start today to make a better tomorrow’. As the song progresses, you can tell that Limp Bizkit are well and truly back with the classic sound that we all know and love. Up next is ‘Dirty Rotten Bizkit’, which starts off with a heavy guitar riff which is very reminiscent of previous work. It speaks lyrically about vocalist Fred Durst’s desire for sexual connection.

‘Dad Vibes’ is the only previously released track on the album. This song is instantly memorable, due to the infectious chorus and is sure to keep you entertained for the whole duration.

‘Turn It Up, Bitch’ starts off with a funky bass-line before erupting with Durst’s notable rap vocals. This shows that the band are evolving in their sound, following their long break from the music industry. The next song is ‘Don’t Change’, which is a dramatic and emotional change from previous tracks on the album. Durst begins to sing in the first verse, asking his partner not to change for him as he is perfectly happy with the way she is.

‘You Bring Out The Worst In Me’ is up next, which features some spooky Halloween inspired lyrics. The chorus is unexpected but amazing – the sheer contrast between the verses and chorus is outstanding. The track speaks lyrically about Durst’s heartbreak with a former lover. In ‘Love The Hate’, the band sees the funny side of the hate they receive. The track starts off featuring a range of negative opinions, before Durst states that he doesn’t care what anyone has to say.

‘Barnacle’ is up next. It seems to be inspired by Nirvana in terms of the instrumentals and vocal style, experimenting with more of a grunge sound which we love. ‘Empty Hole’ begins with a softer acoustic guitar riff, speaking lyrically about mental health and how damaging mental illness can be for a person. ‘Pill Popper’ expresses Durst’s opinion regarding the corrupt American health system, whereas ‘Snacky Poo’ begins with an Eminem style rap beat, before Durst’s signature vocals kick in. It talks honestly about the current state of society and social media obsession, with Durst stating that the 90’s were much more of a simpler time. This is definitely one of the highlights of the album.

The last track on the album is ‘Goodbye’. This song also speaks about a failed relationship and accepting that it is truly over.

Overall, this album makes us feel like Limp Bizkit never left! Even though the sound throughout the record is fairly predictable, we definitely aren’t complaining. It has to be said that Limp Bizkit fans old and new are sure to enjoy this album, with the catchy, infectious rap beats and choruses which are sure to get stuck in your head for months to come. Definitely worth the ten year wait!

‘Still Sucks’ is now available on all reputable streaming platforms via Suretone Records.

Verdict: 4/5

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