ArcTanGent Festival have just added Car Bomb, Emma Ruth Rundle and more to the line up for 2022!

Joining the initial line up are:

Car Bomb, Emma Ruth Rundle, MØL, Slow Crush, Clever Girl, DVNE, Fall of Messiah, The Red and Purple Songs, Bear, Vogons, Bolt Ruin, FES, Bonnacons of Doom, Skemer, Axiom, Beige Palace, Bicurious, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, Sugar Horse, Memory of Elephants, Mother Vulture, Luo, Modern Rituals, Mutant-Thoughts, Olanza, The Road, My Octopus Mind, Lightning Sharks, Garganjua, Kokomo, Last Hyena, Pollyanna Holland-Wing, qariaq, STANLÆY, Stoßzahn, Thumpermonkey, Traps and Wavey.

These bands will be joining the likes of Opeth, Cult of Luna and TesseracT in Compton Martin, Somerset between the 17th-20th August 2022.

ArcTanGent is also being held for an extra day this year, meaning that the festival will now be on for four days instead of the usual three.

ArcTanGent festival booker James Scarlett has spoken about the festival saying ‘2022 is undoubtedly going to be the biggest ATG yet! We are opening our doors from the Wednesday and have a host of amazing bands and DJs. It will mean fans can grab the bet camping spots and also be ready for the bands that run from 11am on the Thursday. It’s been 2 years without ATG so we are excited to get started!’

Check out the line up in full below!

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