As It Is have just dropped their latest track ‘In Threes’ featuring Set It Off and JordyPurp.

This is the first release for the Brighton based pop punk trio, since ‘IDGAF’ and ‘Lie to Me‘ earlier in the year.

The track is an instant hit from the get-go, with the use of spooky synths throughout and the perfect blend of vocals from As It Is’s Patty Walters and Set It Off’s Cody Carson.

We also love JordyPurp’s segment in the song, giving it a completely fresh Soundcloud-esque vibe!

Walters spoke of the song stating ‘[It is inspired] by spending too much time all alone in your head. You start to build an alternate reality, where what’s ‘true’ is twisted and contorted, and after enough time, it becomes reality. And it leaves you hurt and spiteful and violent and numb. It’s an intensely dark listen, both lyrically and musically, but it was a total opposition experience to create.

As It Is’s guitarist Ronnie Ish also added: ‘It’s about internal fires that start inside of our heads with having zero energy and no interest in extinguishing. Instead, we let the fire spread, consuming every room inside our mind and let it burn down everything inside. It’s about accepting defeat, making a bed in the darkness, and succumbing to that alternate reality.

As It Is is also due to embark on a North American tour, starting in Los Angeles on the 13th January 2022, before finishing in Berkeley, California on the 12th February.

‘In Threes’ is set to feature on As It Is’s upcoming new album ‘I Went to Hell and Back’, which is due for release on the 4th February 2022 via Fearless Records.

Watch the audio video for ‘In Threes’ below!

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