Cassyette has just dropped her electrifying new emo-punk banger ‘Sad Girl Summer’, as well as two surprising bonus tracks!

The electropop/rock artist from Chelmsford, Essex previously released the anthemic banger ‘Mayhem’ earlier this year, but is most definitely back with a vengeance with her brand new single.

Cassyette explains that ‘Sad Girl Summer’ is about ‘being cheated on. It’s a ‘fuck you’ song and I want people to feel empowered by it. Anyone that’s ever been cheated on will understand that hurt. It’s a proper rager in the chorus. I was so fed up at the time I wrote this, and I was so over crying over them. I wrote it over two days and on the first day I felt so depressed, and by the second day I wanted to turn the song around and reclaim the power.’

In addition to ‘Sad Girl Summer’, Cassyette has also dropped two more songs, which is a complete surprise! An acoustic version of her track ‘Mayhem‘ has been released, as well as ‘Dead Roses‘.

Speaking about ‘Dead Roses’, Cassyette continues; ‘I wrote ‘Dead Roses’ the day after I wrote ‘Mayhem’. I realised the relationship I was in at the time was over and wasn’t what it once was before. The line ‘we’re sleeping on dead roses’ was a metaphor for that and the thorns were the pain I felt realising we had fallen out of love.’

She also spoke about why she opted to release three songs at once, as well as deciding to change her direction musically; ‘I absolutely love these songs, so much so that I was really torn between putting out something that’s more pop-punk like Sad Girl Summer or a real heavy track like Dead Roses. In the end I thought, Why not just give my fans both and a stripped back version of Mayhem?’

Following Cassyette’s time supporting My Chemical Romance on one of their MK dates, she is also set to play a handful of festival shows this summer, including Download Festival, Slam Dunk Festival and 2000 Trees.

Listen to ‘Sad Girl Summer‘ as well as her acoustic version of ‘Mayhem‘ and ‘Dead Roses‘ below!

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