Cassyette has teamed up with Kid Brunswick on new track ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

She talked about the song stating ‘Maybe you’ve been the victim of a one-sided love-affair, maybe you’re the perpetrator. A drunken moment behind closed doors can keep you trapped in a dirty secret. This song is about how it eats away at you. A bit angry, a bit shameful, this song the embodiment of that release when you finally let it out. We all know that feeling of being pent up when you’ve got no one to talk to. Especially if you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing. You never really know what’s going on behind closed doors. Listen to this when you feel muted and scream along.’

‘Behind Closed Doors’ is an instant hit from the get-go, with an infectious electronic rock beat doing all the talking.

This track comes following the release of ‘Petrichor‘, ‘Prison Purse‘ and ‘Dear Goth‘ earlier in the year.

She also featured on the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes track ‘Off With His Head‘ and played an energetic set at Download Pilot Festival in June.

Cassyette is also due to embark on a UK tour in February next year, starting in London on the 17th February, before finishing in Glasgow on the 23rd.

She is also set to support Willow on her sold out date at the Electric Ballroom in London next Thursday (9th December).

Watch the audio video for ‘Behind Closed Doors’ below!

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