Well this definitely wasn’t the news we were expecting… Dream State have just announced that TWO band members have taken a sudden departure from the band.

It has been revealed that vocalist CJ Gilpin and guitarist Rhys Wilcox have both decided to leave Dream State, due to personal reasons.

The shocking news was first announced by the only current remaining member of the band, lead guitarist Aled Evans on Dream State’s Instagram account yesterday (February 24), which reads; ‘We know that we’ve been super quiet for a long time and I (Aled) want to bring you up to date with what’s happening with Dream State. It is with huge sadness that we announce that CJ and Rhys have decided to leave Dream State, both for different reasons after what has been an incredibly difficult time over the last couple of years. We know that we are not alone in saying that the pandemic has been hard and hit us all in different ways. As the last original member standing, I will miss them both enormously and want to thank them for the incredible ride we’ve experienced together and with you- our fans. Dream State after all, is much bigger than just band members, there is a team and most importantly – there are our army of Dreamers who make Dream State what it is.’

‘Whilst this will be a huge announcement and change, we had prior to these decisions brought in a new drummer and bassist – so for me (at least) behind the scenes there is still a band. We’ve had different members over the years since we started this hell of a ride and we’ve consistently produced music and played shows that you guys have loved. There is now some uncertainty for the immediate future, but I will continue with the new guys to make music in some guise – be that as a re-vamped Dream State or under another project. Too much blood sweat and tears have gone in to throw the towel in just yet, especially when there so much more yet to give! There’s a stack of fresh new music and ideas we want to release- when we are ready and able to.’

‘Once we firm up our direction I will share the details with you. But for right now, today is about the departure of Rhys and CJ and a celebration of what we achieved together. They both have been instrumental in making Dream State what it is and both will always be close to my heart. We wish them both huge happiness going forward, as I am sure you all will too.’

Both Gilpin and Wilcox have also issued personal statements regarding the news, with CJ Gilpin saying ‘Having experienced a psychotic breakdown both last November and November the year before that, I have made the decision to shut the door on singing & writing for Dream State to begin a new chapter of my life. I have been so humbled by the support that has appeared out of the woodwork to aid me to better health, and I look forward to embarking on new adventures and working towards securing a better sense of self. I send heaps of gratitude to my Dream State family for all the love you have shown us over the years, and I wish my team the best of luck for the future. Thank you to my team for all the kindness and patience. I’ll miss you. I send you all my love always.’

Rhys Wilcox also commented saying ‘Thank you to all those who supported me during my time with Dream State. Life has been incredibly challenging over the last few years, so I’ve made the decision to step down from the band to focus on myself. I’ve had so many amazing memories with the band, team and of course our fans that won’t be forgotten.’

Since the news broke, it has been revealed that Evans has since brought in a brand new drummer and bassist to join Dream State, who remain unnamed at the moment.

This comes as a real shock as the band were set to release an upcoming EP, following their angsty track ‘Monsters’ in late 2020. This was set to be a predecessor to their debut album ‘Primrose Path’ in 2019.

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