Boston Manor have just released their newest EP ‘DESPERATE TIMES DESPERATE MEASURES’.

This is the first release for the Blackpool based five piece since their third studio album ‘Glue‘ in 2020.

The first track on the EP is ‘Carbon Mono’. This is a synth heavy, guitar driven rock song, which talks lyrically about a controlling ex-partner. The chorus is instantly memorable and is unapologetically honest and real. The electronic bridge really adds a sizzle to the track.

‘Algorithm’ is up next, which is a certified banger from the get-go! The bass line is prominent in this track right at the beginning, which adds an addictive groove – it is sure to get you hooked.

‘Desperate Pleasures’ is another absolute belter! The song starts off with another interesting guitar riff, which shows that the band are truly experimenting with their sound in this EP release. This sound is evident throughout the track, which is infectious and raw. The song also contains another sensational chorus!

The next track is ‘I Don’t Like People (& They Don’t Like Me)’. Vocalist Henry Cox talks about himself as ‘a cynical criminal drifting through liminal‘, which relates to the current state of the world with the Covid-19 pandemic and how isolating it can be. The last song is ‘Let The Right One In’, which talks about Cox’s infatuation with someone, stating that he will be sure to look after them, despite their rocky past.

Overall, this EP really shows us that Boston Manor have truly evolved since the release of previous work and are more than willing to adapt and change up their sound for the better! This band are set to be even bigger and better in 2022, no doubt about it.

‘DESPERATE TIMES DESPERATE PLEASURES’ is now available on all major online streaming platforms via SharpTone Records.

Verdict: 5/5

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