The Amity Affliction have just released their latest EP ‘Somewhere Beyond the Blue’.

This is the first release for the Queensland metalcore group since their seventh studio album ‘Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them‘ last year.

The first track on the new EP is ‘Like Love’, which is dedicated to the band’s longtime friend Sean Kennedy, who sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of 35. The song talks lyrically about the pain and suffering they faced after Kennedy’s death.

The second song is ‘Death Is All Around’, which begins with a typical Amity Affliction guitar riff, before exploding in with vocalist Joel Birch’s roaring vocals. This song discusses the worldwide impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and how many lives have been lost due to the disease. The band spoke of the song stating ‘We’re deep into a pandemic that won’t go away. With lockdowns still happening here in Australia and no touring in sight, it’s a hopeless situation and one that inspired the lyrics in this song.’

The last track on ‘Somewhere Beyond the Blue’ is ‘Give Up the Ghost’. This is another impactful and heartfelt single from the group, which speaks of Birch’s struggle with depression and how it has well and truly spiralled over the past year, giving into his personal demons. Birch spoke about his mental health saying ‘I nearly died from alcohol withdrawal, which I didn’t really tell anybody‘.

Overall, this EP was extremely heartfelt and relatable, especially talking of the devastating impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. You can tell that The Amity Affliction have well and truly put their heart and soul into this emotional record, without straying too far from their original sound. The standout track would have to be ‘Give Up the Ghost’, even though we feel like every track has its own well-earned place on the EP.

‘Somewhere Beyond the Blue’ is now available to stream on all notable streaming platforms via Pure Noise Records.

Verdict: 5/5

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