Eskimo Callboy have just released their energetic new gym track ‘Pump It‘ onto YouTube on Friday (December 3).

This is the first release for the German electronic hardcore group since ‘We Got The Moves‘ earlier in the year.

The music video features the band performing the track in a 90’s inspired gym space with neon workout gear in full swing! It is incredibly reminiscent of the video for the popular Eric Prydz hit ‘Call On Me‘ back in 2004.

Pump It‘ is most certainly a winner in our eyes, from the instantly infectious chorus to the addictive metalcore sections – it is what makes Eskimo Callboy so fantastic!

Vocalist Kevin Ratajczak discussed the song stating ‘Here we go work out fam! ‘Pump it’ is out now! And this, our friends, means the start of an incredible journey for your body and soul! Listen to our song, make it a part of your daily routine, and feel yourself grow, physically and mentally! Pump it loud, pump it hard and get the true Eskimo Callboy body culture spirit.’

Eskimo Callboy are also due to tour a lot over the next year starting off with the ‘Hypa Hypa‘ UK/EU tour, beginning in Munich on the 7th January 2022 and ceasing in Graz on the 6th February.

Watch the video for ‘Pump It‘ below!

Fan of Eskimo Callboy? Read more about them here!

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