Falling in Reverse have just released the music video for their new track ‘Zombified‘, which sees them slandering all things cancel culture!

The video was released onto YouTube yesterday (January 5) and was directed by Jensen Noen. It portrays the band performing the track in the midst of a horror film set, killing off zombies as they go!

This is the first release for the Nevada post-hardcore group since the reimagined versions of ‘The Drug In Me Is You’ and ‘I’m Not a Vampire’.

The track is an anthemic belter! It talks lyrically about vocalist Ronnie Radke’s controversial and troubled past, making him one of the most hated people in the world. Radke says that it was a long time ago and it is all history now, asking for forgiveness from his haters. Radke sings ‘Cause everybody’s talking bitch / Oh no, they’ll never let go / Of something you said 10 years ago / They’re cancelling, cancelling you / And they won’t stop ’till everybody’s / Zombified (Zombified)’.

‘Zombified’ is the lead single from Falling in Reverse’s upcoming EP release ‘Neon Zombie’, due to come out ‘soon‘.

They are also set to go on tour with Wage War, Hawthorne Heights and Jeris Johnson all over the US, starting off in Atlanta, Georgia on the 13th January. The tour is set to cease in Hollywood on February 4th.

Watch the video for ‘Zombified‘ down below!

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  1. Im dying, Ronnie Radke one of the most hated people in the world, I absolutely love everything that I know about him
    In my opinion only people who hate other people are people who hate themselves,, Stop the hate, stop the judging , live your own life the way you want and let everyone live their lives they way they want

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