Flush are a 4-piece rock band, hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The group consists of Lasse (vocals/guitar), Janne (backing vocals/guitar), Eero (bass) and Bögä (drums). They are a fairly new musical venture, having only formed in 2020. Flush’s debut studio album ‘It Began as a Mistake’ was released in October that year and since then, they have well and truly sprung to life as a band. Their track ‘Chemicals and Conversation’ has over 60,000 Spotify streams alone.

Their band name is very unique and has some obvious diverse connotations! However, the group have stated that they didn’t really give too much thought into their identity as a collective, instead focusing their time creating honest and real music that will connect with people; ‘The name Flush does not have any exciting story behind it, unfortunately. We’ve had it for a very long time and initially we just liked that it was short and ambiguous, and didn’t really think about it that much.’

The band have previously described their sound as being ‘a blend of punk rock, hard rock, alternative rock and some metal’, but would also say that they are ‘dark, familiar and different’. Flush admit that they are heavily inspired by wide range of older and more up-to-date artists; ‘We always name Bad Religion as the original inspiration for the band. A lot of 90s alternative music gave us the direction for our music, everyone from Sonic Youth and Pavement to Helmet and Mudhoney. In more recent times I would name bands like Against Me!, Biffy Clyro, and The Menzingers, and from the classics the obvious ones are Tom Waits and Nick Cave. The one thing that is common to all of these is integrity and creativity. They do what they believe in and you can hear that they enjoy it. They are in it for the music.’

Despite having varied influences, the group seem uncertain about who they would like to work with in the future. Instead, they seem extremely content with just staying true to themselves as artists and not needing to get other musicians on board for creative success; ‘Tough one… We don’t really do collabs but I know they are trendy now. We’ve often said that we’d like to work with a producer who challenges us and brings out the best of us. I also like harmonized vocals so maybe a collab with a singer who actually can sing!’ Heavily contrasting this, Flush also discuss one particular group that they would love to hit the road with; ‘Of current bands I would love to support Idles. They are amazing and it would be fabulous to see them play every night. The new album is nicely weird and challenging.’

It appears that Flush also have an extremely unstructured method of writing and recording new material as a band, which clearly works well in their favour. Hinting that their tracks are created using a variety of different methods and processes, Flush has best described their musical approach by saying ‘our songs come from various contexts, with various approaches and using various methods. Some songs come very organically and are direct stories of something happening in our lives or around us. Other songs come from sitting down, riffing and trying our various things until something starts taking shape – or not. Our approach is very unstructured, but it works, for now.’

Despite all of this, Flush feel like band members need to all be on the same page in terms of what they want musically for lasting longevity and creativity. They gave some advice to bands starting out saying ‘Figure out what you want to achieve and why. There are so many paths to take and as a band it’s important that everyone is on the same page. If one wants to play lots of gigs, another one wants to spend time creating art in the studio, a third one wants fame and publicity, and a fourth one wants an income, you might run into issues pretty quickly. It’s a tough business if you go into it for the business.’

Flush are also highly recognised and respected for their fun-loving and almost comedic standpoint in the industry, while still citing themselves as skilled, serious musicians. They are similar to that of (Scottish pirate metal band) Alestorm in that manner, stating that their 2020 track ‘Cheap Beer’ is a good, solid crowd pleaser. It has an easy sing-along chorus and who does not want a song about drinking beer and listening to rock music?!’ In comparison to this, it is evident that the Finnish group also have some sentimental tracks under their belt, which they visualise as being very sincere and relatable to their small but tight knit fanbase. ‘Almost all songs are somehow personal. We don’t do fantasy stuff or invent stories. That said, ‘Chemicals & Conversation’ is the personal song that deals with maybe the most difficult of topics, mental health and wellbeing. The song is all real and true.’

With the huge surge in the popularity of social media nowadays, it is very important and crucial for emerging acts to have an engaging bond with their fans online. However, it is certainly not always healthy for the mind; ‘It has impacted in many different ways. The good thing is that you have a low-cost channel to communicate with – or mostly to – your listeners and fans. But the bad thing is that you are only one small dot in a flood of messages, and most people will not notice you, even if they were interested. All social media platforms are essentially unethical money-making machines, who are more interested in engagement and driving traffic to ads than they are in the health of the users and the society around them. We all know this, but our choices are very limited, and for small bands it’s a tough choice between either enabling unethical and unsustainable money-making or not having any ways to reach an audience.’

Following the notable release of ‘It Began as a Mistake‘ as well as their recent EP, Flush’s musical journey seems to have only just started to flourish. The group have spoke about new, exciting things on the horizon, saying; ‘We have an unplugged gig coming up, so we need to re-arrange and rehearse our songs for that. Then we have some pretty significant “business changes” in the works, but we cannot talk about these yet. Once we’re done with the acoustic gig, we’ll start rehearsing new material and preparing for shows in the new year.’

Flush’s latest EP ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’ is out now on major online streaming platforms. You can also find out more about Flush via their website, and make sure to keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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