Holding Poison are a hard rock duo, originating from London. They are a fairly new band, having only formed back in late 2020 during the pandemic. Consisting of Matt Blackwell on vocals/guitar/bass and Jack Findell on guitar, Holding Poison only released their debut EP ‘By A Thread’ in May 2021. The extended play features tracks such as ‘Sitting Duck‘ and ‘Curbside‘, with 5 tracks in total.

We sat down with Holding Poison to discuss their band name and its very recognisable origins!

Where did your band name originate from?

The name is a weird one, we compiled a list of about 40 different names, most of them used or just didn’t sound right. Picking a name is the hardest thing out of everything! Matt saw it listed as one of Foo Fighters new tracks in an article online. We thought it sounded cool and the rest is history.

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Punchy as Hell

Which bands inspire you the most when writing music and why?

Our inspiration is quite diverse so when writing we are always bringing bits of that to the table. Each song is different and requires something fresh every time, so we try not to set boundaries for ourselves, it’s really a case of seeing what comes out!

What advice would you give to bands starting out in the industry?

Don’t expect to make money from it… But in all seriousness, have fun as that’s more important than anything else!

What is your songwriting process?

It starts with Matt 9/10 – setting up the structure, main rhythmic parts, and then rough guide vocals. Once that’s done then we look to pull the track around, find where the spaces are, and discuss how to fill them. After that it’s a case of getting in a room, running the track a few times, and then hitting record!

Out of all the tracks you have released, which one is the most personal to you?

Matt: I’d say maybe ‘Sitting Duck’ in some ways. That was the first one which I had a solid demo for and was the starting point of this project.

Jack: I think once they’re released they’re not yours anymore. Lyrically though, probably ‘Curbside’.

Which song is your favourite to perform live?

I think we both dig playing our track ‘Curbside’, but they are all good fun to be honest!

How do you feel that social media has impacted your career as musicians?

It allows you to reach an audience you may not have been able to in the past. I think the hardest thing, which is the same with any industry, is the number of people doing the same thing. Then you have to have something that cuts through anyone else. On a whole though, it does have its benefits.

Who would be your dream artist to work with in the future?

Matt: I think mine would be someone like Dave Grohl. The guy is a machine and from a learning perspective I think it would be great!

Jack: John Mayer for me, the guy knows how to write a song.

Who would you love to support on tour and why?

Matt: There are so many bands I’d love to support and all for different reasons. Bands like Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine (the live shows look insane), Biffy – I think you could learn so much from them all.

Jack: Biffy would be a wicked one. Enter Shikari put on a great live show too.

What’s next for you musically?

We will start work on new music soon for release at some point this year! We always say, keep an eye on our social media pages as that’s where all our latest news/updates will be!

Holding Poison’s debut EP ‘By A Thread’ is out now on all major streaming platforms. Check out Holding Poison via their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages!

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