Hot Milk have just revealed their fiery new track ‘Teenage Runaways‘, which comes equipped with a very catchy chorus!

Following ‘Bad Influence’ back in March, ‘Teenage Runaways‘ is the second single to come from the Manchester fourpiece’s upcoming third EP release ‘The King and The Queen Of Gasoline’, which is due for release on August 5 via Music For Nations. It seems that ‘Teenage Runaways’ is the proven continuation of a heavier sound for Hot Milk, which really suits them!

Hot Milk spoke about the meaning of the song, stating; ‘We’ve been running from the norm our whole bloody lives. Being in a band and living the way we want never went down well with our families and we got so much stick for even daring to want more from life. This song is about the fact we ran away and never bloody stopped.’

Fronted by Han Mee and Jim Shaw, they have also previously spoken about darker themes on this new EP, tackling issues such as ‘overcoming resistance from control‘.

‘We wanted to personify this feeling of oppression and give it a face, the bunny cult you’ll see visually throughout the record gives us something to rage at.’

‘The record has come straight from our veins, written and produced by us in a bedroom in Salford. This has been a labour of love, almost hate and therapy all in one. Through this record we want to create an intentional space where liberation and the ability to be free of expectation can be lived. We are the King and Queen Of Gasoline. The best at nearly ruining it all, fucking up and everything nearly going up in flames.’

Hot Milk are currently on tour around North America, finishing up in Sacramento, California on May 29. The fourpiece are also set to play various festivals over the summer, including Slam Dunk Festival, Southside Festival, Hurricane Festival and Jera On Air.

Additionally, the group are due to embark on a UK/EU tour in June, starting off in Budapest on June 11, before hitting cities such as Munich, Cologne and Paris. They are set to do three UK dates in Southampton, Coventry and Liverpool on June 27, 28 and 29 respectively. Get your tickets here!

Watch the official music video for ‘Teenage Runaways‘ below!

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