Hot Water Music have just dropped their self-loving new track ‘Turn The Dial‘.

The music video for the single was released on Tuesday (May 31) and stars The Haunting of Hill House’s Lulu Wilson. She portrays a girl who is recovering from her recent injuries at home, when she discovers a band. As a result, she reveals a brand new side of herself that she has never seen before. This is supposed to represent the relatable time in everyone’s lives when you discover a band that has changed your life.

This is the latest track to come from their eighth studio album ‘Feel The Void’, released in March this year. The song is about the ‘constant struggle to find balance in life doing what musicians do — or any creative avenues for that matter.’

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Cresswell discusses the meaning behind the song saying; ‘Turn the dial for nothing’ is in reference to searching for something that’s out there, while knowing that nothing you’ll find will ever make you as happy as what you can create yourself. Finding yourself so tapped and so exhausted by all this kind of life entails, but also never being able to put that fire out. The search always continues.

Hot Water Music are set to play Slam Dunk Festival this weekend, as well as a one-off show at London’s Electric Ballroom alongside BoySetsFire on October 4.

Watch the video for ‘Turn The Dial‘ below!

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