Jinjer have just released the aggressive video for their new track ‘Disclosure!’

The Ukrainian metalcore four piece have really come into their own with this brand new release.

Directed by Bazil Pereverzev, the music video depicts lead singer Tatiana Shmailyuk being taken into the police station by a crazy officer. It follows on to show the group seeking revenge on the man, whilst performing the high energy track.

Bass guitarist Eugene Abdukhanov stated that ‘The track ‘Disclosure!’ and the video itself is a very important video for JINJER. Not only is it one of our favorite tracks on the new album as well as live, our ex-guitarist Dmitriy Oksen stars in the video and was great to work with him again, even if it‘s in a different capacity now.

‘Disclosure!’ features as the fourth track on Jinjer’s fourth studio album ‘Wallflowers’, which was released on 27th August this year.

Shmailyuk spoke of the inspiration behind the album saying that ‘I decided to dedicate this record to my personal, psychological state. Even if people have related to broader issues I’ve sung about in the past, you don’t always need to hear that motivational ‘be strong’ stuff; sometimes it helps to just have someone say, ‘Hey dude, I feel the same way.’ I do care about what is happening in the world, but I needed to put my thoughts in order.’

Watch the video for ‘Disclosure!’ below.

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