Light & Motion has just released his soothing new instrumental track ‘The World I Remember’.

This is the first track from his upcoming studio album of the same name and it’s evidently clear that he is heading in the right direction musically.

The accompanying visual for the song has also been uploaded onto YouTube and it really helps to ground your mind in the best way possible. The calming images create a real sense of tranquility and peacefulness, which is perfect for your mental health.

Lights & Motion singer and multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Franzén spoke of the process behind the song stating ‘The writing of this album started off when I decided to get one of my old guitars down from the attic. In a way it was like meeting a very old friend that I had lost touch with, and it just felt really good, like there were songs waiting to be discovered. The very first day with it I wrote ‘The World I Remember’, which eventually became the title track of the album, and the foundation on which everything else was built on.’

‘That was in December 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. I found myself reflecting a lot on where I’d come from musically
and creatively. I sort of re-discovering the beauty and possibilities of the guitar, and it made me excited and connected with the younger me. Every song on this record (except one) was composed on that electric guitar. In limiting myself to writing on one instrument, a whole world opened up.’

This is the first release for Lights & Motion since his last studio album ‘The Great Wide Open‘ in 2020.

Watch the visual for ‘The World I Remember‘ below!

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