Måneskin have just released the retro, movie themed video for their brand new single ‘Supermodel‘.

The Eurovision showstoppers revealed the official music video last night (May 31), paying homage to some of the Italian four piece’s favourite 90’s movie producers. Directed by the Bedroom Projects and Ben Chappell, one half of the visual is based around Quentin Tarantino and the other is centred around Alfred Hitchcock.

The band talked about the wacky concept behind the video, saying; ‘We wanted to pay tribute to our favourite ‘90s movies in the ‘Supermodel’ music video. We tried to capture a cinematic vibe about an enigmatic character in the track and we wanted the visual to reflect that. After we came up with the idea, we worked closely with the directors and Ben to recreate frame shots and sequences from our favourite 90s films. We had so much fun filming it in London, playing funny scenes that reminded us of a detective B-movie.’

Måneskin opted to portray the fake and self-centred people that they encountered during their time in LA recently, working with Swedish powerhouse producer Max Martin on the track; ‘We wrote ‘Supermodel’ after spending the best few months in LA. At times we were surprised yet intrigued to find how people cared so much about the idea of ‘celebrity’ and status, obsessing over their looks and connections.’

Vocalist Damiano David continued; ‘We always have this portrait of the US as ‘the coolest place in the world where dreams come true and everyone has opportunities!’ That’s true, but then on the other side there’s a lot of injustice, unfairness, homeless people and racist shit.’

‘At these parties, everyone was a fucking fashion icon. I was thinking, ‘How do they feel when they get home? Are they really happy? Are they really enjoying what they’re doing?’ You want to hang out with this supermodel, but you might get in trouble. It’s like cigarettes: you love them but you know they’re gonna fucking kill you. Still you’re like, ‘Whatever, I gotta die one day’.’

Måneskin are due to embark on a huge 32-date European tour next year, kicking off in Pesaro, Italy on February 23. Their only UK date at the moment is at the 02 Arena in London on May 8. Get your tickets here!

Additionally, they are set to appear at a couple of festivals over the summer, including Pinkpop and Reading & Leeds. They are also set to go on tour around North America later this year.

Watch the video for ‘Supermodel‘ below!

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