Måneskin have shared the controversial music video for their latest single ‘MAMMAMIA‘ on YouTube.

Following their recent win at the Eurovision Song Content in Rotterdam in June this year, the Italian four piece originally released the single on the 8th October on various streaming platforms.

No stranger to getting themselves talked about, Måneskin’s latest video depicts the three remaining band members attempting to kill off lead singer, Damiano David at a party.

The video was directed by Rei Nadal and epilepsy sufferers are advised against watching the 3 minute clip.

David talked about ‘MAMMAMIA’ during the press conference for the song stating “After the Eurovision Song Contest we got a lot of media attention. We got some criticism that we wanted to translate into a song. Many times you feel that you are doing something beautiful, but people do not understand and judge only with bad comments. In the refrain there is also a part related to the sexual sphere: you can have tastes or preferences that people often think are strange but in reality they are lived in a very innocent way. Hence the difference in intentions between what you want to do and what others perceive.”

Måneskin are due to play a free secret show at the 02 Academy Islington tonight (20th October). They are also embarking on a European tour starting in February 2022.

Check out the music video for ‘MAMMAMIA’ below!

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