Neck Deep are finally back after a lengthy two year break, following 2020’s ‘All Distortions Are Intentional‘. Their brand new single is titled ‘STFU‘; sounding exactly like a bonus track on their second album ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You‘ from 2015!

This is predicted to be the first single from their upcoming fourth studio album, of which no details have been officially released yet.

The track lyrically talks about how the world was ‘falling apart’ with the Covid-19 pandemic and how it seems that things aren’t getting that much better even now. Vocalist Ben Barlow explains; ‘As the world was falling apart at the time, and only seems to have worsened recently, it felt right to satirise the decline of society in typical punk fashion. Looking at the world through a screen and being lured into the impending sense of doom that’s overcome us all.’

The Welsh pop punk four piece have described ‘STFU’ as a ‘return to our roots, and a return to what we do best.’

Directed by Max Moore, the music video for the track was released onto YouTube (May 25) and is equally as chaotic as the topics surrounding it. Singing lyrics such as ‘On the next episode of living with the Trumps / We find that Boris took a dump on public funds to hand out to his chums’, Ben Barlow clearly wants to make a statement and he’s certainly doing that, to say the least!

In addition to the political mayhem going on in the world, the track also references the dark side of the Internet, the increasing use of drugs among young people as well as NFT’s, just to name a few.

However, this is not a typical Neck Deep video, as the production of the video didn’t come without unforeseen challenges; ‘What should have been a three-hour flight to Louisville ended up as ‘a three cancelled flights, eight hours in an airport, a $5000 taxi, a magical stray dog with a taste for gas station hot dogs and a twelve hour drive. Don’t ever say we haven’t busted our asses for this! And don’t tell me I look tired in the video!

Neck Deep are set to play various festivals over the next few months, including Red Rocks, Slam Dunk Festival, Southside Festival, Full Force Festival and When We Were Young Festival. Additionally, they are due to embark on a European tour next month; starting off in Paris on June 6; as well as a North American run, beginning in Sacramento on July 8. Mayday Parade, Waterparks, State Champs, Hot Mulligan and many others will be joining them until August 5.

Watch the music video for ‘STFU‘ below!

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