PVRIS have just released the music video for their brand new single ‘My Way‘ on YouTube (October 22).

Following the previous release of the dark and mysterious ‘Monster’, ‘My Way’ sees the duo heading in a different direction musically.

The video depicts vocalist, Lynn Gunn rolling around on the floor singing about how she is planning to do things her way now following guitarist, Alex Babinski’s controversial departure from the band last year.

Directed by Katharine White, the track is the perfect mix of 80’s inspired synths and constant catchy guitar riffs. Gunn’s rock driven vocals are also the perfect addition to this track, giving it a real edge.

The song is a definite shift away from their previous sound and ‘My Way’ definitely feels like a real turning point in PVRIS’s musical journey.

Gunn talked about the single stating ‘My Way’ is a song about accepting and embracing the trials and tribulations of the past, present, and future. It’s about facing the pain, loss, hard times, and hard decisions while finding empowerment and humility (and a sprinkle of humor) through it all. Life always pushes us toward great change and growth. When we stop fighting it and flow with it, we offer ourselves, and others, so much more. Whatever way it takes us, our paths are all so uniquely our own. You have your way and I have my way.’

Watch the video for ‘My Way’ below!

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