Sick Joy have just released their new single ‘i’ve got more than i need (and i don’t have much)‘, as well as announcing some crucial details about their debut album release ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F****** DIE’.

Categorised as ‘noise-pop’, the trio from Brighton unveiled the video for ‘i’ve got more than i need (and i don’t have much)’ onto YouTube on Thursday (March 10). The track speaks lyrically about some damaging times in vocalist Mykl Barton’s past, which is raw and honest in nature. Barton himself spoke of the meaning behind the track stating; ‘It came from a feeling of exasperation towards trying to process some things from my past that I’d been dealing with in damaging ways and realising it. I didn’t have space in my head to be clever or dance around stuff lyrically, it was just emphatically – ‘this is what this is and I can see it now. Like, fuck, this is heavy and it hurts, but there’s a vein of fighting back flowing through it too’.

‘It’s a flagship of the theme and message that runs through the album, this positive nihilism. It’s a linear story of the whole process I was going through, anger, sadness, doubt, fear and ultimately, hope and empowerment’.

Watch the official video for ‘i’ve got more than i need (and i don’t have much)‘ below!

This is the second taster of their upcoming debut studio album ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F****** DIE‘, which is due for release on July 8 via SO Recordings. This is their first release since their 4-track EP ‘Amateurs’ back in 2018, with their last single being ‘belly aching beast’ featuring Jamie Lenman last month (with Barton’s very own stepdad creating the harmonics). ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F****** DIE’ is said to have a total of 12 tracks overall. Barton spoke of the album; ‘For me, that title’s a positive. I realised, ‘it’s going to be over one day, man. So do whatever the fuck you’re gonna do, and have a fucking good time. And I don’t mean just get loaded and be a dick. I mean do the things you want to do. Don’t let fear decide where you’re going to go. We’re all going to fucking die. So get out and fucking kill it, man.’

Check out the official artwork and track listing below!

  1. don’t feel like dying
  2. talking to the drugs
  3. stay numb
  4. deep dream
  5. i’ve got more than i need (and i don’t have much)
  6. alive on the inside
  7. the blood & the bliss
  8. rich hippies
  9. belly aching (feat. Jamie Lenman)
  10. sadisfaction
  11. nothing better
  12. ultimately

Sick Joy are also currently on tour around the UK, having already played shows in Newport, St Albans, Birmingham and Stoke on Trent. Tonight (March 12) they are set to hit Manchester’s Castle Hotel, before heading to Blackpool, Glasgow, Hull, York, Leeds, Nottingham, Norwich, London (with Dinosaur Pile Up), Milton Keynes, and lastly Brighton’s Green Door Store on March 26. Get your tickets for the remaining shows here!

They are also set to perform at London’s Hyde Park on July 8 with none other than the legendary Pearl Jam, as well as 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham on July 9.

You can also pre-order ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F****** DIE’ here!

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