Stand Atlantic have just released their angsty new track ‘Switchblade‘.

This is the fifth single release from their upcoming third studio album ‘F.E.A.R.‘ (aka Fuck Everything and Run), which is expected on May 6 via Hopeless Records.

According to vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, ‘Switchblade’ discusses themes of being a people pleaser and taking on other peoples problems, even though you are tackling your own; ‘When you feel trapped, and you want to make people happy, sometimes it can feel like you have no will of your own, like you’re someone’s voodoo doll or something. If someone you know is going through some heavy shit and taking it out on you because you’re the closest person to them it can be debilitating especially when you’ve got your own inner turmoil you’re trying to deal with. For me personally it felt like I had no space to have my feelings and I didn’t know how to create boundaries. I went to therapy and this song was a direct result of those emotions essentially being vomited out into a song.

Stand Atlantic are set to go out on their very first North American headline tour in May/June, with support from With Confidence, Cemetery Sun and 7RU7H. Check out the full list of tour dates and buy tickets here!

They are also set to play Slam Dunk Festival on June 3 and 4 in Leeds and Hatfield respectively, alongside other amazing acts such as Hot Milk, Beartooth and Neck Deep.

Watch the video for ‘Switchblade‘ below!

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