Stand Atlantic may have just released their heaviest song yet!

The Sydney natives are known for their iconic pop punk sound in previous releases, however their new track ‘Molotov (OK)’ is set to change all of that.

The group released the music video for ‘Molotov (OK)’ last night (November 4th) and we are more than obsessed!

The song starts off with a prominent distorted guitar riff, before launching right in with vocalist Bonnie Fraser’s recognisable vocals, like we have never heard them before!

‘Molotov (OK)’ tells the story of Fraser’s less than enjoyable experience of attending a Christian school in her youth. She said that ‘Molotov [OK]’ was sparked by her experience growing up in a religious environment, being turned off by the rhetoric that same-sex attraction is ‘sinful’. I went to a Christian school for three years of my life, and when a pastor says ‘all gays will burn in hell’ during an assembly, you’re gonna remember it, and you’re gonna write a song about it.’

‘Motolov (OK)’ is a definite taster of what’s to come in their highly anticipated third studio release. The track comes following the success of previous singles ‘Deathwish’ featuring American rapper Nothing, Nowhere and ‘Superglue’ with the Australian rock band Birds of Tokyo.

We are very excited to see what comes next for Stand Atlantic!

Watch the music video for ‘Molotov (OK)’ below.

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