Australian pop punkers Stand Atlantic have just released the video for their energetic and infectious new single ‘Hair Out‘.

The official music video was uploaded onto YouTube on Wednesday (March 2) and shows the band playing the track in a grungy rehearsal space. It shows a playful side to vocalist Bonnie Fraser, where she is just being unapologetically herself!

Directed by Sarah Eiseman, ‘Hair Out’ comes in at just under 3 minutes in length. Fraser speaks honestly about the pressures of being in a band and the negativity that comes with it; ‘The worst part about people on the internet is that you’re almost force-fed their opinion about you or what you do’.

The honest lyrical content comes from Bonnie’s struggle at making music following the release of Stand Atlantic’s previous album ‘Pink Elephant’ back in 2020. She felt that the ‘expectations and pressure from everyone about following up Pink Elephant and doing something good’ really got the better of her creatively, where ‘it almost feels impossible to feel like you can step up and meet expectations of anyone, let alone yourself.’

Fraser also admits that she, like a lot of others struggled mentally during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, having to obey to the stay at home restrictions. She spoke of her mentality during this time; ‘I just got absolutely fed up with ALL of it and it brought me to a ‘table flip’ attitude where I just wanted to make something for myself’.

‘Hair Out’ comes following the previously released tracks ‘Deathwish’ featuring Nothing,Nowhere, as well as Molotov (OK)and Pity Party with Royal & The Serpent. This is the fourth track to come from their upcoming third album ‘F.E.A.R’ (Fuck Everything and Run), which is expected on May 6 via Hopeless Records. Fraser spoke about the premise of the album stating; ‘It’s a fuck you to the conventional bullshit Hollywood-style story that musicians tell you fell out of their ass.’

Stand Atlantic have also just announced that they are due to embark on a tour of North America with With Confidence, Cemetery Sun and 7RU7H, starting in Ventura, California on May 6 this year, before ceasing in Detroit on June 19. They are also due to appear at Slam Dunk Festival on June 3-4.

Their album ‘F.E.A.R’ is also available for pre-order here!

Watch the video for ‘Hair Out‘ below!

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