The Lamb are a city pop five piece, originally from Tokyo, Japan. The group formed in 2019, with Noboru Watanabe on vocals/guitar, Junpei Ogino on bass, Yushi Nakajima on drums, Kyuto Uno on keyboards and Shinjiro Yamada on sax. The Lamb released their debut EP on the year they formed, titled ‘Metrofuturhythm‘. Since then, they have gone strength to strength, adding three more EP’s to their roster.

This year, The Lamb have unveiled two brand new tracks ‘Pilgrims’ and ‘Poolside’. The latter has compiled over 3,000 listens alone on Spotify. Additionally, they have over 379,000 hits on their 2020 track ‘Plastic Girl’, which is quite the achievement for a smaller band.

It definitely seems as though The Lamb are getting stronger than ever and truly finding their place in the music industry. With that, we sat down with The Lamb to discuss how they would love to tour with Maroon 5 in the near future, even learn some yoga poses with Adam Levine!

Where did your band name originate from?

The reason for this is that the zodiac sign of the year we formed was “sheep”. It has no relation to William Blake.

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

“Japanese”, ”City”, “Pop”.

Which bands inspire you the most when writing music and why?

The Beatles, because they have been such a strong influence on me since I was a teenager.

What advice would you give to bands starting out in the industry?

Email me when you figure out the secret to success!

What is your songwriting process?

Humming is the most important. All the answers lie in your brain.

Out of all the tracks you have released, which one is the most personal to you?

I don’t write anything too personal.

Which song is your favourite to perform live?

“2062”. It’s rough from the early songs, but check it out.

How do you feel that social media has impacted your career as musicians?

Honestly, I don’t like social media. It just seems to me that the stupidest parts of humanity are being exacerbated.

Who would be your dream artist to work with in the future?

I want to be able to freely make what I want to make, when I want to make it, with the people I want to make it with. Beyond the barriers of money, time, and schedule.

Who would you love to support on tour and why?

Maroon 5, because I can learn yoga from Adam.

What’s next for you musically?

Just recently, a single called “Poolside” was released. It’s the second single we’ve released on the UK label. Please check it out!

The Lamb’s latest single ‘Poolside’ is out now, available to stream on all major streaming platforms! Keep up with The Lamb via their website, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify!

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