It has been officially declared… The Rasmus are set to represent Finland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with their song ‘Jezebel’.

The decision comes following the Helsinki rock band’s succession at winning Finland’s annual selection event, Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) on Saturday evening (February 26). It was announced that they were set to take part in the initial process last month.

The Rasmus’ vocalist Lauri Ylönen spoke on their victory on the night; ‘We did it! We are so happy. It was a super tough competition, all the other songs were very good. We were preparing so hard for this for six months. We are really taken and honoured and we will be working like pigs to represent Finland in the best way in Turin.’

In other Eurovision news, it has been announced in the last couple of days that Russia have been banned from taking part in this year’s contest. This is due to their ongoing military assault on their neighbouring country, Ukraine.

Additionally, the performer of Ukraine’s entry this year has also been banned from participating in the contest, due to her involvement in a trip to Crimea. It is classed as an area that Russia has now seized, as of 2014.

The Rasmus’ bassist Eero Heinonen had some words to say about the conflict; ‘This is an important issue and we are constantly thinking about it. It’s really shocking and distressing, and it has been really emotional.’

Ylönen continued; ‘What is happening feels very wrong. I watched the news on TV in my hotel room and cried. It felt twisted and wrong to go to the UMK rehearsals after that. It was like being on an emotional rollercoaster.’

Watch The Rasmus’ performance of ‘Jezebel’ on Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) below!

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