The Wonder Years have just given us two exciting announcements!

Firstly, the Lansdale pop punkers have just dropped a brand new single in the form of ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’, following the release of ‘Summer Clothes’ last month.

Vocalist Dan Campbell admitted that he wrote the track about his eldest son Wyatt, saying; ‘It’s about the polarising forces of love and anxiety that come with being a new parent—simultaneously being so overjoyed that they’re here, about the miraculous nature of their existence, but afraid of all the ways you could fail them. It’s about raising children in a world that feels like it’s actively ending and how to make them feel safe and cared for despite that. It tries to breathe in the small, beautiful moments and exhale all of the invasive thoughts of despair.

This is the third single to come from their newly announced upcoming seventh studio album ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’, set for release on September 23 via Hopeless Records.

Watch the video for ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’ below!

The Wonder Years’ new release ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’ has been revealed to have 12 tracks in total, with the official track list and artwork available to view below!

  1. Doors I Painted Shut
  2. Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)
  3. Oldest Daughter
  4. Cardinals II
  5. The Paris of Nowhere
  6. Summer Clothes
  7. Lost in the Lights
  8. Songs About Death
  9. Low Tide
  10. Laura & the Beehive
  11. Old Friends Like Lost Teeth
  12. You’re the Reason I Don’t Want The World to End

The Wonder Years are set to perform at a couple of festivals over the summer, including Is For Lovers, Riot Fest and When We Were Young Festival.

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