Wargasm have just released their energetic brand new track ‘Fukstar‘, tearing modern society to shreds in the process!

This is the second preview of what’s to come on their upcoming debut full-length release ‘Explicit: The Mixxxtape’ later this year, following the amazing ‘D.R.I.L.D.O‘ last month.

Vocalist Milkie Way starts the song off by singing; ‘I find my comfort in chaos / I’ll fall asleep in a séance / Don’t wear my makeup for men / No, I just love corporations / Want them to take all my money / Burn the ocean to sand / I’ll take a big fucking sip / So hot I’ll turn it to glass’

Following this, both Way and Sam Matlock sing in the chorus; ‘You’ve got your money and your fast cars / You’re not a god, you’re just another fukstar‘.

They both speak about the meaning behind ‘Fukstar’, saying; ‘Every day the rich seem to get richer and the poor get left behind. Old men are flying off in rockets with celebrities while murdering our environment. Fukstar is the soundtrack to Wargasm’s disillusionment with the nature of the corporate billionaires, and the idiots that let them gain power, who seemingly have our world in a chokehold. You aren’t gods, you’re just another Fukstar.’

After an outstanding set at Download Festival last month, Wargasm are set to embark on a UK/Ireland headline tour, starting off in Belfast on October 14, finishing in the 02 Forum in Kentish Town, London on October 27, hitting up cities such as Dublin, Southampton, Bristol and Birmingham along the way! Get your tickets here!

Watch the Mad Max inspired video for ‘Fukstar‘ below!

You can also check out their newly released track ‘D.R.I.L.D.O‘ below!

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