Blitz Union are a band from the Czech Republic, who successfully combine clashing elements of EDM music with pure rock n’ roll. Since the band formed in 2019, Mark Blitz (vocals), Schtorm (guitar), Governor (drums) and Shodushi (bass) have well and truly skyrocketed to super stardom. A remix of their track ‘Plastic’ created by Venezuelan DJ Zardonic has gained over 623,000 streams on Spotify in the space of 9 months – that’s pretty impressive work!

Blitz Union have since released their debut album ‘Absolution’ in November last year. Tracks such as ‘TV’ and ‘Hotel India Victoria’ have already racked up more than 448,000 listens combined! It is very apparent that Blitz Union are carving their own path in the alternative music industry. We don’t see any signs of them stopping anytime soon either! We sat down with Blitz Union to discuss their strong ties as a collective, which go way beyond making music.

Where did your band name originate from?

“The overall story of Blitz Union is one big mystery. The origin goes way back to the past. In fact, even during the time our parents were teenagers. After a few miraculous discoveries, signs and messages of a mysterious entity called “Mr. Blitz”, Blitz Union started to arise. We are still learning what exactly it means. Nevertheless, we have already stashed the first hints how those events influenced our music in the booklet of our debut album which was released on November 26th. Coming back to the name – I guess, you can see now, why ‘Blitz’ is the first part of our name. But then, why ‘Union’? Besides doing music— we are trying to create an experience, a movement and a natural union. A group of like-minded people who care about the whole, who care about life in general and do not focus exclusively on their personal profit.”

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

“Rock – Electronic – Dance.”

Which bands inspire you the most when writing music and why?

“I think it has been the nu-metal/rock bands which were popular around the year 2000. During our teenage days, we really loved bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, Mudvayne. So, influences from these bands are undeniably audible in our music. But currently we all listen to all genres from pop to country, to jazz, to black metal (Laughter) and we try to absorb all their interesting elements and arrangements which we later on naturally implement into our music.”

What advice would you give to bands starting out in the industry?

“Well, I do not find myself in a position to give advice as we are pretty new in the “industry” as well. I will perhaps just mention one thing which is applicable for any industry, business, employment: “it is only up to you how successful/big you are”. It is only about you and you should not blame others.”

What is your songwriting process?

“Blitz Union’s inspiration comes from a specific communication between me and the mysterious entity “Mr.Blitz”. Once I understand, once I feel what theme/story I should implement into a song, I start to compose a simple instrumental. If the whole band likes the overall vibe of the idea, we all start to work on the general arrangements together. Once the main structure of the song is done and agreed, Schtorm (bassist, producer) starts to work on the final production of the song.”

Out of all the tracks you have released, which one is the most personal to you?

“That’s hard to say… I have a special “relationship/bond” with each and every song, you know. But if I have to pick one right now, the message of the song “The Truth” is the most current one to me. To stay true to yourself and also to others, keep things in balance….That’s the thing!”

Which song is your favourite to perform live?

“I think it is the song “Deleted” from our first EP “Revolution”. We always play this one as the last song of our set. So, it is usually pretty wild already. Our guitar player Shodushi usually drops his guitar, grabs a microphone and goes wild together with me on vocals. So, this song is one big party when we perform it live!”

How do you feel that social media has impacted your career as musicians?

“I think it has impacted our career a lot – in a positive way. You know, due to the whole pandemic situation, the online world became basically the only place where you, as an artist, could present your music and communicate with your fans. So, I am glad that there are at least these tools which can help you to grow, even though you are basically “forbidden” to present your music live.”

Who would be your dream artist to work with in the future?

“I am open to any collaboration which would make sense. But since I have been a fan of Korn from my childhood days on, a collaboration with them would be the biggest honor for me. They still got it!”

Who would you love to support on tour and why?

“Oh … there are so many great bands out there which I would love to tour with. But the first bands which that just come to my mind are Rammstein, Smash Into Pieces, Depeche mode … The combination of our music and the mentioned bands could work very well in my opinion. But I guess, we won’t find out until it happens. (Laughter)”

What’s next for you musically?

“We have just released our debut album “Absolution”, about which we are super excited. So, I hope there will be more and more Blitz Union albums in the future and more and more people will be joining us in our mission. We are already working on new songs, so stay tuned and stay loyal guys. Looking forward to 2022 already! Thanks for having us!”

Blitz Union’s debut album ‘Absolution’ is out now via Dreamstart Music on all major streaming platforms. Check out Blitz Union via their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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